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Auburn Angel's Doll Bodies

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Glitter Doll Tutorial

*This is an intermediate level  psp 7 tutorial.
You should have a good working knowledge of working in layers, as well as how to use annimation shop. If you do not know how to work in layers or use annimation shop, I highly recommend you study the tut links below until you are comfortable working with layers and building annimations.

Jasc PSP beginner Annimation tutorial

How to Glitter your Doll Clothes

As you see, all my doll bodies are made in my signature pink clothes.  They are made to be re-colored, glittered, or filled with a pattern.  

STEP 1   SAVE DOLL BODY provided for this tut.  Open the doll body image in PSP. 

1a.  If you want to, you may paste a head onto your doll now.
1b.  If you want to, you can add a new raster layer, add a name or another graphic.  Just be sure to add things to your working file on seperate layers, not your doll layer.
1c.  Crop your image to the size you want your finished image to be.

STEP 2   CHOOSE A GLITTER --Now that you have your doll ready, the next step in glittering your doll is to choose a glitter.  You may save my aacelestialmidnite6 provided for this tut, or select a different glitter.  (*Make sure this saves in it's proper .gif file format.  If it saves as a .bmp file, you need to refresh your browser, then try to save it again)

rt click on image to save to your pc

2a   --Open your glitter in annimation shop.  You should have 3 frames. 
2b   --Activate frame one, click on the copy icon, (leave ann shop open) and go back to psp, then paste glitter frame1 as new image.
2c  --Do this step with each glitter frame.  After you paste all your glitter frames, you should have 3 new images  open in psp.  Re-name the images glitterfr1, glitterfr2, and glitterfr3 (see figure 0)

figure 0

STEP 3   To glitter the doll dress, we will be using the Color Replacer tool. 
--Activate your Color Replacer tool by clicking on the icon in your tool palatte  (figure 1).   In the tool options palatte click on the first tab and set the settings as shown in figure 2.  Then click on second tab and set the tolerance to 10 or lower (figure 3).

Figure 1

figure 2 and figure 3

STEP 4  --Set the Textures Foreground and Background Color boxes both to None.  Set the Styles Foreground and Styles Background boxes both to Solid (figure 4)

figure 4

STEP 5:  SET THE BACKGROUND COLOR.  --Activate the image layer with the doll body you downloaded to re-color.  With Color Replacer tool activated, hold the mouse pointer over the dark pink outline area of the doll dress, then hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard to access the Eyedropper (see figure 5). Once the pointer turns to an Eyedropper, RIGHT click, then release the Ctrl key.  This will set the Background Color box to the same color that was just clicked on.  The Background Color box is the color that will be replaced.  You should now see a the dark pink color in the bottom color box (see figure 7).

figure 5 Select color to be replaced

STEP 6:  SET FOREGROUND COLOR --In this step we will re-color the outline of the dress to match the glitter.  If it's a dark color glitter, it looks good to use a slightly lighter shade of the same color.  If it's a light color, use a darker shade than the glitter.  Since the glitter in this tut is dark blue, I am choosing a medium-light blue.
LEFT Click one time inside the Styles Foreground Color box (top color box).  The Color window will appear.  Pick click and select the medium blue from the Basic Colors area. You should now see a medium shade of blue in the top (foreground) color box and the dark pink in the bottom (background) color box--(see figure 6 & 7)

figures 6 & 7

Now.....this part is quick easy and so cool!  Just double LEFT click with your mouse onto the dk pink outline of the dress.  Ta-da!  Now your outline should be blue. (see figure 8)
(You must DOUBLE click.  Double clicking re-colors everything in your active image that is the selected background color.  If you click one time, it will only re-color the area covered by the size of your brush. It is also possible to recolor using the brush, but you will have to LEFT click and hold the mouse as you paint over all the dark pink dress outline areas.  Personally, I think it's so much easier to double click and get this step over wtih in one quick instant) 

figure 8.....New Dress Outline Color

STEP 8:  SETTING THE BG & FG STYLES FOR THE INSIDE OF THE DRESS  --This time you will set your background color (bottom box) to the light pink inner color of the dress.  You will be setting the foreground style (top box) to your glitter frame patterns (see figure 9). 
8a   -To set your pink bg color, activate you Color Replacer tool do as directed in step 5, only this time you will pick up the light pink color on the inside of the doll dress.
8b   -To set the foreground colors,  you will need to click on the little black arrow on the top color box and set the style to pattern so that you can activate your pattern cache (see figure 10).  This will be a 3 step process I will explain next.

figure 9

figure 10

Click on the pattern icon to activate
your pattern cache

 STEP 9:  GLITTERING THE DRESS  --You will repeat this step with each glitter pattern so that you have a total of 3 different glitter fills for your doll dress ( see figure 11)

figure 11

figure 12

9a  First  you need to set your foreground color to glitter frame 1 (see figure 12, *selecting your glitters in the order illustrated*)
  • To do this, activate and open your pattern cache browser.  You should see the 3 glitter frames at the top of your patterns cache.  Working backwards, select the last glitter frame (The reason I have you work backwards is so  you dont later confuse it with your active current pattern which will always show as the very first image in your pattern cache.  Once you select a gliter frame you will actually see four glitter labeled current pattern plus the 3 glitter frames. DO NOT EVER select the 'current pattern' when you are setting your glitter fills or you will end up with a messed up glitter annimation which duplicated one of your glitter fills ). 
9b   Now, double Left click on the light pink doll dress to replace the light pink with your first glitter frame pattern. 
9c   Merge your layers and save image as  A1 (short for annimationframe1).
9d   Then click undo until the dress is light pink again with a blue outline.
*Repeat this process for all 3 glitter frames.  Second time you will choose glitter frame 2 from from your cache, merge and save it as A2.  Third time you will choose glitter frame 3 from your cache, merge and save it as A3. that your head is spinning, take a deep breath--you're almost done!~

STEP 10    --Now all you have left to do is build your annimation in annimation shop. 

Open Annimation shop.  Use annimation wizzard. 

  • --select 'same size as first image', click next
    --select opaque (white bg), click next
    --upper left corner of frame, fill with the canvas color
    --repeat annim indefinitely...set frame seconds to 8  (8/100 of a second....needs to be fast for glitters to look good).  hit next
    --add image  a1, a2, a3, click open
    --click next
    --click finish
You should see your 3 frames.  Click on view annimation tool to see your annimation.  Whoo-hoo!  Now you have a glittering doll dress.  Just save your annimation, and you're done.

Finished Glittering doll dress

Auburn Angel's Glitter Fills

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